The Podtacular Spring Season 2008 is Live!!!

It’s that time again ladies and gents. Time for the podtacular season hype!

I would like to announce that we’re officially live with the season and we’re ready to kick off the tournament next week as planned.
In order to stay in the loop for everything regarding the season, we have created a season portal inside of podtacular. This season portal which has a link (Tournaments) right there to the left of the screen will lead you to the main season page where you will be able to find every season related news story, groups, brackets, team information, rules and even our newest feature: Season Videos.

All of this wouldn’t be possible with the help and support i received from CapnKrunk, Kiaffex and Arc Blu.

So what are you waiting for??? Go on… click on the link and check out the Podtacular Spring Season 2008.

Keep on fraggin’ trucks!

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