The big announcement: You can now set your gamerpic to the Podtacular logo! For free!

Thanks to our buds at Microsoft and the Gamerscore Blog, you can now set Podtacular or any of our fine affiliates at the Gamercast Network as your gamerpic… for free! Just go to the marketplace blade, then Themes and Gamer Pictures, then New Arrivals and you’ll see the Gamercast Network pics there under Community Gamerpics. Be sure to download them and set them as your gamerpic to show your Podtacular pride!

In other news, the Achievement Junkie and Sarcastic Gamer podcasts have joined the fray of pwnage that is the Gamercast Network. Welcome to the new guys and be sure to check out their podcasts. There’s a reason they were selected from the throngs of gaming podcasts on iTunes.

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31 Responses to The big announcement: You can now set your gamerpic to the Podtacular logo! For free!

  1. chuckiej says:

    VERY cool! And its great to see the Gamercast Network expanding. I’m looking forward to hearing another crossover episode. Perhaps someone from one of the new podcasts can co-guest host with one of our regulars. That would be tight.

  2. chaseAH says:

    wow it makes me proud to have stuck with Pod from EP 1

  3. QualityJeverage says:

    I still would have preferred a Podtacular Flux Capacitor…

  4. JVB says:

    This is the first step guys. We are big time now. :-)

  5. NamesTwister says:

    zOMG, this is so awesome, im changing mine now!

  6. CrimsonViper says:

    Millions of people are now going to be able to notice Podtacular on Xbox Live.
    This is so awesome.

  7. Stooch says:

    *Cardiac arrest*

  8. Kiaffex says:

    OMG I gotta download!

  9. CrimsonViper says:

    Oh yeah, and you guys forgot to frontpage Achievement Junkie part of the Gamercast Network.

  10. ClownX says:


  11. Hoogs says:

    Sweet! I’m changing mine now, to the Podtacular one of course :)

  12. Pienaim says:

    WOOT!! thats sooo cool!

    totally gonna go change mine to podtac now, if i can get my 360 on… Bioshock kinda killed it /cry

    EDIT: congrats to Achievement Junkie and Sarcastic Gamer. Sarcastic Gamer’s stuff is really funny and they’re podcast is pretty entertaining

  13. Painkilla05 says:

    2 words:
    F***ing, Awesome.

  14. marooner says:

    omgomgomgogmogmogmgomgomgomgomgomogmogmfiogmPWREJGOQWENT…. yah… i know what i gotta do.

  15. Babamthegrunt says:


  16. Duffman X18 says:

    Super special awesome? I’ll get those pics.

  17. a surly hobo says:

    I DLed them while playing the beta at my friend’s house but I was too anxious to play. I’ll change it on Sunday hopefully. :D

    Yay I got the new podcasts right. What’s mah prize?

  18. AERO Strik3 says:

    Welcome to the new guys!

  19. Killazilla says:

    Told you AJ was joining.

  20. DeadtoSin says:

    This really is pretty sweet.

  21. H2o Eagle says:


  22. JVB says:

    I want to thank everyone of you guys for making the Podtacular community what it is today. This was only possible because of all the support you guys/gals have shown through the 2 years Podtacular has been around. This is a huge step for the entire Xbox Live community and we should be celebrating the fact the we are amongst the first to experience this type of exposure.

    The one thing that is troubling me, and I did expect it, is the amount of people who are acting up about this. I am hearing some negative things from other communities about the Gamercast Network and Microsoft. Instead of focusing on this joyous event, they want to pounce on the parties involve simply because they weren’t picked first.

    Anyway….This is the beginning of things to come. Another announcement MIGHT be coming soon. It all depends if I get the “OK” to say something. This is not real important, but something a bit more personal, so don’t hold your collective breaths.

  23. Xwing 2000 says:

    Wow guys, congrates on your own gamer pics! I have it on right now ^^

  24. ImpulsiveNinja says:

    lol, i have my friends account on my profile, but he doesn’t have a 360, so i signed in for him and changed it, lol, he is so welcome. YOU HEAR THAT SAM! YOUR WELCOME AURORAX

  25. ImpulsiveNinja says:

    OH, and this is so awesome! GO PODTAC! WOO

  26. romath says:

    Cool but is this only going to be for podcast websites because they should make it so that every community website is able to create one for there site if there fairly known,,

  27. Mag92 says:

    Nice! I dont have a 360 Woot.

  28. ooopy says:

    JVB as I said to Godfree here…don’t worry about the rumblings. This is an awesome time for all of you and a step forward for all communities to have soemthing like this on marketplace. Congrats to all of you. I see why gamercast is the network they are. Everyone supports each other and is there to help one and other

  29. Stooch says:

    I feel like our banner should also say “Part of the gamercast network”

  30. Reaping Raven says:

    wow im so excited about this! im amazed as to how podtacular has grown since it began. im glad foo mo, jvb, and all the staff members are recognized by Microsoft for all the hard work they’ve done to make this community a success. i changed my gamerpic the minute i found out =P

  31. heavyfire grunt says:

    i cant find them

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