Season News – Week 2

Locked and loaded! The Podtacular season is under way.

The first week is over and this is the season update to let you know what went down and what you should expect for the following week.

Well, we didn’t have many surprises in the first week other than Dangle Snipes shutting down Mini Boss by 2-0 to set a nice and strong start for week one. If you have been following the Season Predictions topic you know that MB is one of the favorites among some of the members of the community. Well they will have to work hard for a good second week in order to keep their hopes up for this season. As many of you know only 2 teams from each group will advance to the second round.

The other nail bitter came from Team Supremacy vs Team H2SO4 taking a full series of 3 games to decide who would take the 3 points home. You can check the third game of the series in this week’s featured match to the right of the screen. Just click on the video to check out how it all went down!

So if you want to check out how the groups look like, just click on the group’s link above this page!

Well now some reminders and more information to make week 2 even more enjoyable.

I’d like to please ask all of you who are submitting your matches to use the following format on the subject line.

Team 1 (win) vs Team 2

It just makes my life easier to know who the winner is and who the matches were played against.

Well for the host. Please be sure to run a quick host check slayer match. About 30 seconds to make sure that the host is reliable, in order to avoid problems down the line. In order to answer all of your host questions please be sure to check this amazing link created by Kiaffex. In order to get there CLICK HERE

**** Also keep in mind that we are in the groups round, where you are only required to play a best of 3 matches. Meaning that if a team wins 2 in a row, there’s no need for the third match to be played. If you choose to play the last match, PLEASE do not submit it to me. I don’t need to see it. I just need the matches that are important for the point count.

And for the part you were all waiting for… Here are the matches that will be played this week.

NOTE: This week we will be using the winning map of the podtacular map contest. MLG REVERT. If you don’t have the map please be sure to download it HERE – SLOT 6

The format for this week will be: Objective – Slayer – Objective

  • CTF on MLG Revert (Please use GB CTF Ons for this gametype)
  • MLG Slayer on Narrows
  • MLG Ball on Guardian

Thanks everyone for playing your matches. And let’s see an even better week 2!
Good luck everyone.

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5 Responses to Season News – Week 2

  1. HellFiYah says:

    bleh @ mini boss. Anyway, why not onslaught CTF for revert? I’ve questioned this before and I don’t think I’ve gotten an answer.

  2. plasma qrenades says:

    sounds like a good week, cant wait to start practicing

  3. Kiaffex says:

    HellFiYah: I’ve playtested with this and I agree Onslaught plays better. I’ll check with Dial.

    Can’t wait for games this week. ;) Good luck teams!

  4. azn_dude1 says:

    Cool Kia’s map is being played

  5. Kiaffex says:

    More like an “Oh Boy….” for me…

    Let’s hope all that hard work we put into it pays off….

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