Season News Semi Fnals – Week 5

Well everyone welcome back to the season update.

This week will be a short update as we’re approaching the end of the season one more time. I just would like to take the time to congratulate the 4 semi finalists Your Team, Team SBG Exodus, Team Krunchy Gets Carried and 2 Shakes and A Zip.

And with no further delay here at the games for the this week.
The match will be played in a Series of 5 games (Best of 5).

  • MLG TS on Onslaught
  • MLG Ball on Guardian
  • MLG TS on Construct
  • MLG GB CTF on Narrows
  • MLG TS on The Pit

Again good luck to everyone and thanks to everyone who’s been participating on this tournament.

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  1. says:

    these tournaments are sooo awsome! I always anticipate who the winner is going to be! I love halo 3.

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