Season News – Finals Week 6

Podtacular season News Update – Finals Week 7

Well, well, well… It’s finally here – the final week of the Podtacular season. After it’s all said and done we have the two best teams of the tournament right here and ready to face each other on this great fight for the top.

In one of the side we have the returning and defending champions SBG Exodus. They were the champions last season with a different roster but nonetheless SBG returns showing more power on this tournament season.

On this side we have Team Krunchy Gets Carried led by Kimo. They were said to be one of the best teams of the tournament from day one and they have only proved people right by being here at this point of the tournament. Now will they be able to keep the podtacular season championship here at podtacular this time around? We can only wait and see.

Anyway, after introducing these great teams, id like to take a minute and say thank you to everyone who have participated in this tournament this season. I would like to say that I’m thankful for those who came from other communities and/or even from podtacular. I would like to thank you all of you who cooperated and made this tournament a great tournament from the beginning. Thank you all for all the help in various aspects. A Huge special thank you to Krunk for being so prompt and helpful when I needed the most, thank you Kiaffex for the help here and there getting this ball rolling, thank you FMJ and JVB for the opportunities we all have here and thanks everyone for being such great players and supporters. I appreciate you all!

Well with no further delay here are the games that will decide on the 2008 Spring Season Championship.

  • MLG GB CTF on The Pit
  • MLG TS on Guardian
  • MLG KoTH on Construct
  • MLG TS on Narrows
  • MLG Ball on Guardian
  • MLG TS on The Pit
  • MLG CTF on Onslaught

These are the matches and please play them in the previous order.

Thank you again!
Have a great one and see you all next week with the Podtacular 2008 Spring Season Champions!!!

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