Podtacular Spring Season 2008 Kick Off

Welcome everyone to the Podtacular Spring Season 2008.

It’s time to get ready for another Podtacular season and even better… now with HALO 3. This is our first Halo 3 season and the competitiveness factor has just taken over the place.

This season brings a lot of great podtacular players as well as some friendly communities into the mix. I would like to take this moment and thank the invited communities that came to take part of this award winning tournament with us, and they are: [b]The Cavegirls, SBG, The C1nder Clan and Praetoria Guard.[/b] Thank you so much guys and girls, for coming over and sharing this experience with us.

Well without any further delay i would like to announce the groups. All groups information can be found at the “Groups” link at the top of this page. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our very own [b]CapnKrunk[/b] for all the help, effort and amazing job with getting this site “Season Ready” for us. Thanks a ton Krunk!

By the way, i would like to introduce a couple of new things that we have in stock for this season. Number 1… You’re looking at it! This is a page specially dedicated to the season tournament where you will be able to find all the information, updates, team rosters, brackets and group stats, videos just a click away. Yes one place for all your season needs. Pretty sweet huh?!!? Every week the season update will be posted on this “front page” and you will be able to check out the latests and the greates that the Podtacular Season has to offer.

The second great feature comes from our very own community member Madgecko aka Arc Blu. He will be in charge of getting some selective season Matches here and ready for everyone to watch. He will also be responsible for our very own Podtacular Season Top 10 Plays of the week, which will be narrated by a special member (more on this later…)

Anyway, this is about it for now. I just would like to welcome everyone and as of right now we stand firm for a seson kick off on March 31st 2008. Please keep a close eye to this page for future news and important updates.

The matches and last rules for the following week will be posted here soon. Stay focused!

Thanks again everyone for participating.

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