Podtacular Season Videos & Top 10

Hello everyone here’s a very important news story from Arc Blu. I wanted to publish it to the front page here so everyone is aware of our system. Also be sure to check out the video below!

Click [url=http://podtacular.com/node/6756]HERE[/url] for video.

So read on.. These are the words of our very own Arc Blu!

“Hey Guys,
Just thought I would create a quick tutorial on how to submit films and film clips for consideration for “Featured Matches” and “Weekly Top 10.” Take a quick look at this video, although you probably know how to use the Recommend to Friend feature on your File Share already. Besides that, I’ll run down a small schedule of when you need to submit your films by in order for me to consider them.

[b][u]There will be 2 weekly featured matches; one to be released on Wednesday, one to be released on Saturday[/u][/b]. In order for me to do this, I will have needed all submissions the night before (Tuesday by 11:59 EST & Friday by 11:59 EST). All matches for consideration will have to be matches that have been played for that week… no previous weeks please. All videos that are NOT selected for the Wednesday featured match still have a chance, however, so submitting early has its benefits. All films submitted for the week will be considered for the Saturday featured match, even if they were submitted by the Tuesday cutoff.

[b]WEEKLY TOP 10:[/b]
[u]Each week a Top 10 film clips will be decided on from the week before.[/u] This means that on the second Saturday, the first weeks Top 10 will be released. Other than that, the Top 10 must be submitted in clip form, not as whole films. Less work on me = better chance u can get a spot.

Good Luck, Happy Season,
And if u have any questions, post them below in the comments!

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