Podtacular Joins the Podkast Network

The Podkast Network

Today we are making our official announcement for joining the Podkast Network. We are honored to join the ranks of KritzKast: The Team Fortress 2 Podcast and ReachCast: A Planetside 2 Podcast, which also shares the title of the number one podcasts for their own games. I had the privilege of joining Tempest and Agro on KritzKast for their 225th episode to explain what Podtacular is and who we are as the premiere Halo podcast. Needless to day, we have a lot in common and we are very excited and happy to join the network. We will have the privilege of having them on next month and ReachCast in the future.

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2 Responses to Podtacular Joins the Podkast Network

  1. John Irwin says:

    We’re all very pleased to have you join us. Looking forward to a brave new future. We’ve all come a long way; back in my day, we had two sticks and a rock … and we had to share the rock!

  2. Dust Storm says:

    Well, I think with all of us animals in one place we’d probably be classified as a zoo… or a farm. Great times was had and great times will be had when we get you on ours. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity.

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