No Halo Fest? No Problem!

For those of you who will be attending Halo Fest, you’ll get the chance to see Dust Storm up along with a lot of other community leaders at the Community Panel along with more awesome panels at the event.  It is surely something that you will not want to miss.  For those who are not able to go, shame on you for calling yourself a Halo Fan… Just kidding.  There are going to be plenty of opportunities to get involved with the festivities.  As we have mentioned already, 343i has teamed up with IGN to stream the panels from Halo Fest.  There is also a new thread on the Waypoint forums where you can post your questions that we will get asked on the panel, so if you have a question that you want me to answer, post away.

If simply watching from the sidelines isn’t enough for you, Kete from The Running Riot is hosting Riot Fest.  Riot Fest is taking place on Saturday at 9:00PM EDT (6:00PM PDT) and will have people calling into the show for a little interactive confab between viewers and some of the attendees at Halo Fest.  It will be a chance to talk about stuff that will undoubtedly be announced/released at Halo Fest with other people watching from home.

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