New T-shirts available at the Podtacular store

It’s time to immortalize the jokes from the Podtacular podcast in stone! By stone I mean on a T-shirt. Famous quotes like “One is less than three, face head” and “Mommy, he’s smuggling plums!” and a lot more from recent shows. Check them out! By the way, we sell these at cost. We make no money on them.

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7 Responses to New T-shirts available at the Podtacular store

  1. Kiaffex says:


    You forgot Grassy Ass!

  2. Logan Payne says:

    You also forgot my… “suggestion”
    I think I’ll submit it to Think Geek for munay if it happens ‘gains.

  3. Babamthegrunt says:

    your but is mine, hey thats too hot, and I’m agay marine equals uber pwnage

  4. Dialpex says:

    We deff gotta add: “Hi. I’m Babam the Grunt!”

    There are some awesome ones there… I love the colonel is probably one of my favorites along with I <3 Face head.. LOL

  5. face head says:

    this is a close call….should i buy it…i think i will.

  6. lilkuke says:

    Thanks for putting mine in Foo Mo!!

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