“Wow Really?” Monthly Community Update

Jaba has put together a nice little blog post highlighting some of the changes that have undergone in the community. He highlights some of the community members making a difference in the community and points out the ups and downs in the community. Check out his [url=http://podtacular.com/node/7159]blog post[/url].

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4 Responses to “Wow Really?” Monthly Community Update

  1. Lancelot59 says:

    For future reference Jaba only send these things to one person to frontpage…there was two of these things up here a minute ago.

  2. Jaba says:

    LOL I R DUmb :D

  3. chuckiej says:

    Uh, you should be able to frontpage the actual blog post right?

  4. Dust Storm says:

    Yea, but it seemed a little odd for a straight FP post.

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