KgC -VS- CG :: DOG Argine

Krunchy gets Carried -VS- The Cavegirls
POV: DOG Argine
MLG King Construct
Week 4 Match : Game 1 Stats-

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6 Responses to KgC -VS- CG :: DOG Argine

  1. MadGecko says:

    lol… and hold rockets. not use them so much, but defiantly hold them


  2. Babamthegrunt says:

    Coolio, can’t wait untill the legendary map pack show comes out; what is the release schedule?

  3. Cryptoflix says:

    Nice good game!

  4. spartan hugger44 says:

    Uck, I die alot! lol It was a fun game

  5. JW Spiff says:

    Nice game guys

  6. spartan hugger44 says:

    lol yeah that was my job! Haha ” Argine go get rockets!” I dont really need them haha.

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