Humpday Challenge results are on!

This is a proud moment in Podtacular history. Podtacular was posted on the front page of for participation in the Humpday Challenge! Thanks Bungie for an awesome match and big thanks the the Bungie challenge team here at Podtacular.

Check it out yourself to see how it went! Video highlights and more coming soon.

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21 Responses to Humpday Challenge results are on!

  1. DarthBALLZ45 says:

    This artice was pretty sweet. KP said good things about you guys. Awesome job on pwning them at their own game!

  2. RusOmi7677 says:

    That was KP that wrote that ( notice he says he is looking for Frankies house)..also it was a blast playing with those guys..the joking around in pregame lobby the brigding out of KP(playing on Frankies GT) btw that was Samanator that did it LOL j/k but it was really a honor to do this and it was nice cause these guys where cool they didnt act like well we made this game we are beter than you or anything…they where all cool….also one last note i posted on bungies forum if any clan wanted to challenge us or play with us to send a message so we may have some more matches getting underway soon…

  3. DrThom says:

    I find it awesome that me, Kimo, and Lone are “deadly with the BR”.

  4. Dialpex says:

    Thats awesome… Thanks again KP and bungie guys… It was a great match and podtacular.. Congratulations guys… we pulled an amazing milestone… Way to go…
    It was funny playing and talking to the guys… So KP, are you still willing to give one of those bars for my gamertag if i release that Halo 3 information to you guys as i said i would?!? huh huh? lol…
    We had a blast… really a blast…!!!!!
    Go Podtacular.!!!!!!

  5. MrGamer says:

    Hmmm, seems kinda suspicious.

    “Thanks to them for playing and [i]for giving Larz a few extra bucks of spending money this weekend[/i].”

    You guys haven’t been bribing anyone recently, have you?

  6. JVB says:

    I did offer them $5 for a Bungie logo..:-)

  7. Dialpex says:

    I told them that i would release some halo 3 info to them if they gave one of those logos… lol didn’t work. :)

  8. Nightfire117 says:

    awsome guys.

  9. Sugar Daddie says:

    Yeah Great artricle. Congrats everyone!

  10. Chevelle65 says:

    It was soooo cool to see podtacular on bungie and see all my fellow pod friends gamertags up there!!!!! Its cool to say, that guys in my clan, or I play with them all the time.

    good work guys, WE WON!

  11. SDtektiv says:

    that was a cool article. The funnest part about reading that, like Chevelle mentioned, was recognizing the names of the Podtacular guys! And I liked how it suggested to check out! I have suggested checking out Podtacular to a few strangers during those never-ending “Step 3’s” we sometimes come by, and now it’s nice to see a maker of Halo 2 suggesting it himself!

  12. Daa Wheeze says:

    Nice job guys!

  13. Daa Wheeze says:

    Actually…it was an accident. Tehh hee

  14. Samanator says:


  15. Daa Wheeze says:

    that’s right. podtacular is way too good for one post-it. in that case….

  16. Cr4zyKiller says:

    Wow thats awesome guys…. Its too bad this couldnt of happened before E3 and the 1500 campain, we could’ve blown past 1500 people with all the popularity we recieved.

  17. Crockpot77 says:

    We are world famous! Autographs anyone?

  18. SDtektiv says:

    Something that I thought was funny was that they said that Podtacular keeps up with what does, and that is true, but only in a small side dish manner to the main course of tips and strategies.

  19. MadGecko says:

    looking foward to those video highlights!

  20. Jet pilot says:

    video highlights we all await .good job guys

  21. Painkilla05 says:

    OMG I just logged on and have like 10 friend requests.

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