Get the Best of Halo 5 with 343 Favorites

MOTD 343 Favorites

Back in the advent of file shares for Halo we had Bungie favorites, hand picked screenshots, game modes, maps and films from the community that became staples among Halo fans everywhere.  While it’s not an exact implementation or quite as easily to navigate as our long lost feature, 343 has started loading up their favorites gamertag with awesome community content, much of which you may have already seen.  To get to the studio’s favorite creations, add The343Favorites as a friend and navigate to their file share from the Fireteam menu.  Bookmark the maps and game modes you wish to keep and play and you’re ready to go.  We’ve already incorporated some community favorites into our Fraggin’ Fridays customs night so stop on by and come have some fun with us!

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