Gamertag Radio gets temporarily shut down and ransomed by greedy web host

Godfree at Gamertag Radio just informed us that Gamertag Radio has been shut down without warning by his hosting company and held at ransom to bring it live again. Here’s the email they sent him:

Your site was suspended because it consumed an excessive amount of resources. One of our techs was doing a routine check on the server, and your site was consuming more than 4.62% of the servers RAM, more than 1.93% of the server CPU and more than 14% of the server MySQL resources. Our policy is 10% of the entire servers resources.

O RLY? Maybe you could have told him about this hidden fee so he could decide whether he could afford the price hike before you instantly dropped his site after four years and demanded more money to bring it back up? That’s what I call extortion. If you’re with me, why not contact midphase and leave them a poignant note about their shady business practices?

UPDATE: Liquilife at Uncle Gamer Radio is temporarily hosting Gamertag Radio until they get a new host. It still sucks what Midphase did to him though.

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12 Responses to Gamertag Radio gets temporarily shut down and ransomed by greedy web host

  1. chaseAH says:

    I am sending a letter rite now, I say a we get bungie to send there ninjas.

  2. Diamond Soulja says:

    FALSE ADVERTISING! *goes outside protesting*

  3. Duffman X18 says:

    How idiotic. I’m not very good at writing up speeches, but I might send them an e-mail when I get the chance to. This sucks though, because I just signed up for there forums.

    edit: I just posted this over at the GCN forums. Yes I did credit foo mo jive.

  4. Arcade Wizard says:

    wow, thats realllly lame of them

  5. Oompa says:

    I’m getting money back from my host for paying to much. Can you PM me his paypal adress and I’ll send him money, once I get some. :)

  6. Kiaffex says:

    Ouch, that sucks.

  7. marooner says:

    Wow that really sucks, sorry to hear that.

  8. Pienaim says:

    That’s disgusting that a company would do that, not that I’m surprised. Hope GTR get back up and running soon.

  9. a surly hobo says:

    I don’t know what happened but it seems that is back up and operating.

  10. Mag92 says:

    Dont make me send an email with 7 frony faces!

  11. sargemat says:

    That sucks ODST’s are on there way. lol. Hope they get the site up soon. It just shows how populer GTR is when you see how much it was useing but the hosting company should have hold him about the hidden costs.

  12. Hazardous101 says:

    Well if they need a suggestion, I would reccomend – they host our website at , and they’ve been great to us. (Like $5 ot $6 a month).

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