Foo Mo Jive is in the Community Spotlight at!

Welcome to those of you coming over from Bungie to check us out! Be sure to check out our forums and introduce yourself to get a feel for some of the things we have going on at Podtacular. Thanks KP for the opportunity to be interviewed for this.

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24 Responses to Foo Mo Jive is in the Community Spotlight at!

  1. Chevelle65 says:

    OMG FOO S on bungie, lol, good job, i read the whole story, this is great for podtacular!

  2. Crypto says:

    COOOOOOL…man Foo Mo youre lucky, first you beat bungie…then you are interviewed by them!

  3. face head says:

    chevelle, remember our whole topic round this?

  4. QualityJeverage says:

    Super cool!

    (Wow, was that as cheesy as it sounded?)

  5. Chevelle65 says:

    hahaha, don’t start! Think of the moderators face head, the poor moderators!

  6. PurpleDemon666 says:

    good job Foo

  7. Unr3alChi3f says:

    it all started back last year and have come this far!
    Great Job Foo and Spelchek where ever he may be…

  8. juice57 says:

    great job foo that was cool

  9. TFD says:

    ya i bet more people start joinin like crazy

  10. articlegfx says:

    word dude were gonna get members all over the place

  11. DarthBALLZ45 says:

    what a smile foo mo! awesome interview on there.

  12. CrimsonRice says:

    There are going to be so many ppl emailing you for friend requests. (more than ppl are already)

  13. DecodedFeedback says:

    i like how thet said you cheated

  14. Stooch says:

    Well done Foo Mo! You really deserve it. And thanks to you too KP!

  15. CRAZY MnM says:

    Mad respect foo mo. And can someone tell me what ever happened to spelchek?

  16. immortalthree says:


  17. elessar787 says:

    Yeah we should start a new user group labeled “People who were here before foo became famous”.

  18. SDtektiv says:

    Ooh! Let me be in the usergroup! I just hopped on the bandwagon like a month before, but I still was here before!

    Foo mo, you did a GREAT job answering their silly-worded questions. The peas, the one-can, all witty sayings from the Foo mo man himself. And that’s a good picture too.

    Since there’s going to be more people coming in, I bet that if the prices of the T-shirts were lowered, a lot more would be sold, though I don’t know the economics because I’m studying art.

  19. HiDeYoUrGoAtS says:

    dude this is giving podtacular soo much publicity go foo mo for just getting more listeners wooooot

  20. Mr 0uch says:

    read it this morning lucky u foomo!

  21. Rusty 2005i says:


  22. SDtektiv says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number of listeners was above 2000 because a lot of people listen to it on their computer.

    The clan requests keep coming in, but Rist Peblo keeps taking all them Slayers! I shall invite some people to Rec D! (represent)

  23. chuckiej says:

    Foo mo: Awesome job with the interview. Way to let everyone know what we’re all about!

    SDtektiv: Feedburner attempts to count even people who listen to it from the website – not easy but they have a formula.

  24. Painkilla05 says:

    Foo you need to take more pics of yourself!

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