Were you in Rec E?

Some dork on staff in Rec E just booted everyone. TerminatorLlama, the overlord, just put everyone as peon in response, so it won’t happen again. If you were in that clan and want back in, it’s easy as pie. Just post your gamertag in the request a clan invite page and write that you were in Rec E. We’ll get you another invite ASAP.

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18 Responses to Were you in Rec E?

  1. TerminatorLlama says:

    yep, plus i’m going on vacation, i needs someone in recE to send some invites please, and once they join set everyone of them to peon, thanks……….

  2. DecodedFeedback says:

    that person is stupid for booting everyone out,thats got to be so irritating.

  3. jp199212 says:

    i’m on the invite patrol. every hour i take all the invite requests and then process them to the players. IM GOING INVITE CRAZZY

  4. Killazilla says:

    Wow that sucks  Hope you guys get it sorted out.

  5. SpartanXXX says:

    I can’t believe this is happening again.

  6. foomojive says:

    thanks JP! I assume you’re a member, right? TerminatorLlama, me, and the rest of us podtacularites appreciate your quick and thorough response.

  7. jp199212 says:

    yep no problem foo…and yes…i hope i am still a member lolz…

  8. Reaping Raven says:

    hehe, this brigns back memories of FoH aVaLanCh…ahh the good old days, hope everyone gets back in!

  9. Algebra Cow says:

    that makes me mad

  10. jp199212 says:

    dude its terrible what n00bs like these guys do to the podtacular community.

  11. Lord hobo says:

    dude thats dumb i would help but im in rec F, but you can send me an invite i like to float arround the rec clans

  12. Jordizzle says:

    what a ghey nooby

  13. terminatormonky says:

    im sry i couldnt be on tonight jp i am also upset with this JP i thank you veeeery much

  14. Painmongr539 says:

    wheres tht litl bastad im gonna kik his ass!

  15. jp199212 says:

    lol pain you do that >.>

    np terminator just PM me with anything you need me to do and i’m on it!

  16. cgsniper465 says:

    i dont no if im out of the clan but just send me an inv gt:cgsniper465

  17. Rusty 2005i says:

    I can’t beleive you called me a dork! J/K J/K lol!

  18. Unr3alChi3f says:

    well, there was a person, that i dont remember, gave me a message that quotes “f*** podtacular” so there u go…

    i believe that he was the person that gave me the staff position as well…

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