Podtacular PC Regulars Clan Now Open!

[size=26]Podtacular PC Regulars Clan[/size]
[color=red][b]Not Just Halo Anymore![/b][/color]
Read Inside For Info, Rules & Links To Steam and Xfire groups.

This clan was working there’s just been a large delay in getting it front-paged. This clan is going to work differently from the Rec Clan. One thing I want to re-iterate first:

[b][size=16]The Clan Is Not All About Halo PC/CE Anymore[/size][/b]

The PC clans are open to ALL games, not just Halo anymore. Even though Halo CE is a good game because of all the good custom content, it is old. I want to allow people who play newer games in as well to help the community grow.

Now then:
The Regulars clan is for people who want to play games on a team at a higher level and compete for Podtacular. Teams can be created for any game however someone must be willing to run the team. This clan will have the same overlords as the Rec clan, but Team Leaders will be given more pull over their teams. Team leaders have the ability to recruit people onto their teams, and manage other aspects of the team, such as meeting times and such. All custom rules will be reviewed by an Overlord prior to it being approved and active.

Teams can be as large as is justifiable. We encourage people to try and get involved, but depending on the game only a certain number of people can attend actual competitions. Tournaments between any Podtacular PC team and an outside group requires an Overlord to be notified prior to the event.

If you wish to form a team for a game you can PM me and we’ll see about making it happen. The more the merrier! It is [b]strongly[/b] recommended that you have Xfire, or Steam; it will help you stay in contact with people in the clan as well as your team leaders. I have created groups on both.

We already have had Dust Storm take over the PodPC group, and Scarface_Spartan is working on setting up a Battlefield 2142 team.

If you wish to form a team please contact me via PM.



I hope to see you soon!

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5 Responses to Podtacular PC Regulars Clan Now Open!

  1. Scarface_Spartan says:

    You got it wrong, it’s Battlefield 2, I didn’t really like BF: 2142 and btw, PM me if you want to join, I’ll find a good server for us to play on ANYTIME.. :D

  2. Lancelot59 says:

    Oh, my bad. Does anyone else have any ideas for game teams they’d like to start up?

  3. unl3a5h3d says:

    Yay Steam! Has anyone played Crysis Warhead yet?

  4. Lancelot59 says:

    I’m gonna order it on steam this weekend. Then play it after I play the first one.

  5. Cypher says:

    I’m gonna get it this weekend.. :D

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