If There Are Explosions in the Forest…

bs angel dropped us another Bulletin last night featuring the remake of Timberland for Halo CEA: Ridgeline.  This map comes from one of the classic Halo: PC maps and is a pretty good pick for a remake (I still think Chiron TL34 would have been cool…).  There are some pretty screenshots of the environment and is probably one of the prettiest maps we’ve seen in Reach so far.  On a Forge note, people will be glad to hear that trees are now a forgeable item for Ridgeline (like there weren’t enough trees already).

The Title Update also hit this week, but you won’t see any immediate changes.  In order to celebrate a little though, Waypoint has released a Zero Bloom Slayer Game Variant for download.  There’s also a nice wallpaper for Halo CEA that you should go download and put to use immediately.

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