I like-a-da-controller!

Late last night, Jess posted the latest Halo Bulletin. Big topic of the post, which takes up about two-thirds of it are the final controller layouts for Halo 4. There’s been a lot of buzz around the Bumper Jumper layout from the pro side of the community, but it looks like 343i has finally settled on a control scheme that pros are comfortable with. There are a lot of the classic layout names, but with the addition of spring being separate, make sure you double check your controller layout. Fishstick is one I hope to be trying out at PAX, which is less than a day away, mind you. There is also the Limited Edition Halo Exclusive Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment. It is a convenient way to take your Limited Edition Halo 4 console wherever you go. It’s a whopping $350 compared to the $250 for previous PGEs that are available from GAEMS, but fur the upped screen size and Halo 4 finishing touches, it may be enough for people to buy. (really 343i? I’m going to be spending one grand just for Halo 4).

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  1. Shadow says:

    WOW the Vanguard thing looks intense hahah i wish i could get that hahah maybe i will hahahaha >:-) LOOKS LIKE MY HALO GAMING STYLE YYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! HALO ON THE GOOOOOOO!!!!!! EVERY HALO NERDS DREAMS HAHAHAAHAH!!!!!

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