Halo Wars 2 DLC Operation Spearbreaker and Leader Serina Released

The latest batch of Halo Wars 2 Season Pass content has just recently dropped, encompassing the widely anticipated Operation Spearbreaker campaign DLC as well as a brand new leader, Serina. Operation Spearbreaker follows an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper team on the Ark for two brand new missions, expanding the story that the main campaign left on. Serina, known well to players as the recently deceased Spirit of Fire A.I., brings with her a host of brand new cryo-based units and abilities, such as the Cryo Trooper, Tundra Bison, and Cryo Bomb. Each of these fresh expansions are available for $5.99 each, in a combined bundle for $9.99, or as part of the Season Pass for free. Awakening the Nightmare, the next set of downloadable content coming to Halo Wars 2, is also on the horizon for this fall and will be available separately from the Season Pass.

If you want to know more on every detail surrounding these two brand new content drops, HaloWaypoint.com has the full article containing in-depth lore and story.

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