Halo: Community Update – Summer Sizzle

The Halo Community Update has not slowed as Community Manager Ske7ch grants fans some tantalizing details about what’s to come in the Halo universe. For starters, Halo 5 will be receiving a 4K resolution update this fall on the coattails of the Xbox One X, and along with this update, Ske7ch teases more to come. He says, “there will be a variety of other cool odds and ends included beyond 4K support.” What exactly this means is unclear at the current time, but it’s important to keep speculation within reasonable expectation. The last Halo 5 content update, Monitor’s Bounty, was released in December of 2016, rounding out with a mini-release of classic helmets in February. The 4K update will definitely bring with it bug fixes and sandbox changes on top of surprises, guaranteeing some big changes to the game. If you have a Microsoft Store in your area, now is the time to apply for a novice tournament happening on the 6th, free-for-all events occurring across North America, Puerto Rico, and Australia. The sooner the better for applications, as over 1,300 people have already applied.

The Community Update contains far more exclusive, brand new information and Halo knowledge to be absorbed, along with great community content like the header image by Bailey Jones. All of this and more can be viewed in full glory on HaloWaypoint.com.

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