Halo: Community Update – Next Stop: Memory Lane

Halo 2 Concept Art

Continuing the celebration of all things Halo, another community update has come and gone, focusing almost totally on the series milestone of 15 years. First, Ske7ch highlighted the most recent game anniversary, that of Halo 2 this past Wednesday. Next, further details on the Halo 15th anniversary event, which you can read about in full detail in this article. There will be quite a bit of celebratory content for every Halo fan to enjoy, and in particular those who participate will end up getting some free ‘party favours’.  It was also reaffirmed that the various teams are hard at work on all things Halo, with some new content in particular coming to the Halo consumer products.

If you’re interested in taking a peak at the article, you can see everything not covered here (like the mystifying community spotlight video by Azpekt297) on HaloWaypoint.com.

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