Halo: Community Update – March Madness

The Halo World Championship has come to a close in a thrilling conclusion this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of things to recap. OpTic Gaming took the championship title and a stunning Legendary Emblem trophy last Sunday with a 4-0 score. The Halo Championship REQ Pack also returned this time around with the Athlon Champion armour set, and plenty of skins. Morgan Kinsano recently released with a host of new fire-based units, and has proven resourceful in the Halo Wars 2 sandbox. She’s available right now for Season Pass holders and separately as well, and Halo Wars players can expect the next leader sometime in April.

If you’re interested in reading up on more, such as the Radar Blips section devoted to Halo 5, the community spotlight, and the winner of the Ghost in the Shell contest, HaloWaypoint.com has the full article.

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