Halo: Community Update – Haze of Glory

The end of Halo Wars 2’s Season Pass content is upon us with the incoming release of Grunt commander YapYap the Destroyer. This new leader will include a host of new units and abilities, including the Grunt Goblin, first introduced in Halo 5, Heavy Grunts, Brute Riders, and Methane Wagons. YapYap is scheduled for release next week, and is available as part of the Season Pass, or on his own for presumably the same price as the other leaders. Last weekend’s Microsoft Store tournament was an incredible success to the 343 staff and more is on the way, with a 2v2 tournament in September. The sustain team will be working on the Infection playlist in Halo 5 and delivering some fixes to frequently exploited spots on the maps. Weapon tuning is also on the radar included in the Xbox One X update Ske7ch spoke about last week, and 343 aims to “revitalize and re-balance” Halo 5’s sandbox.

A small taste at some of the weapon and ability balancing coming to Halo 5, as well as more tantalizing Halo information, can be found on HaloWaypoint.com in the full article.

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