Halo: Community Update – Golden Clouds

Gamescom inches ever closer by the day, and with Autumn on the horizon, 343 has some plans to unveil for the future of the Halo universe to sate players this season. Halo Wars 2’s newest Grunt leader, Yapyap THE DESTROYER, is rolling out to players tonight, and brings with him a host of new units and abilities that are fully detailed in the last issue of the Community Update, if you feel a ‘grunty thirst’ to know more. Halo 5 will be receiving a weapon tuning update this season with the 4K Xbox One X update, and as the weeks progress, 343 Industries will detail more and more of the changes coming to the sandbox. Arguably the most exciting news in this article for Halo lore fans and canon connoisseurs was the cover unveiling for Halo: Legacy of Onyx.  Picking up on the ever-popular Ghosts of Onyx, Matt Forbeck’s latest entry into the Halo novel universe will feature a host of new characters and presumably touch on the Guardian uprising shown in Halo 5’s ending.

That’s not all that is on the menu for Halo fans in this jam-packed update, including details on the latest, heavily iconic Flood Warning Loot Crate, and more. It’s all available for precise viewing at HaloWaypoint.com.

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