Halo: Community Update – Cetacean Celebration

February is here, as is the latest in Halo news and events from our weekly Community Update. The Blitz beta for Halo Wars 2 officially concluded recently, and 343 released a spreadsheet of a few major stats from that time period, such as whopping 796,000 games played. Also on the subject of Halo Wars 2, a new trailer will be releasing Monday, and three famed artists were contacted to do art for the upcoming release. Halo 5 had a massive news-drop this week, with the Timmy helmet being distributed to people mysteriously. Fans have been caught in a frenzy as to how to earn it, but 343 isn’t giving up many details. Speaking of helmets, the Classic Helmet REQ Pack will be releasing on February 9th (as previously covered) and will be purchasable for $9.99 in US currency or 150K REQ Points. Finally, Halo 5 also saw a slew of REQ changes this week, full list of changes included in the CU itself.

If you’re eager for more Halo content, such as the latest Canon Fodder, or the 343 Team Spotlight, you can visit the full article on HaloWaypoint.com to satisfy that urge.

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