Halo: Community Update – Blitz 101

Another week passes and yet another community update has been published. Halo Wars 2 is now nearly ready for public consumption, but if you’re not content with waiting another month, you can try it out now with the card-based Blitz beta. This beta is available on both Xbox and PC, and much like the popular Witcher spin-off game, Gwent, it focuses on strategic deck-building and fast-paced battles. Resource gathering and much of the basic pillars of Halo Wars are still present in Blitz, but there are no home-bases, and you must use energy wisely, finding suppliers on the map and through winning. Blitz does feature micro-transactions, but they are not essential to playing the game-mode. In other news, Halo Wars 2 has a new marketing campaign in sponsorship with Twitter, where you and either another player or the AI fight out mini-Blitz games over Twitter’s messaging service.

If you’d like more information on Halo Wars 2, such as new canon surrounding the Banished, or an in-depth guide on how to jump into Blitz, all of that information and more is available on HaloWaypoint.com.

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