Halo 5: Guardians Weapon Tuning Test Detailed

The Halo 5 sandbox is ever-changing, always evolving and improving. The upcoming weapon tuning test will be tweaking some major elements of the player’s arsenal, including weapons and abilities. It will begin in early September, with an update on the 4th smoothing out the foundation necessary for the full change on September the 11th. Players will be able to dive into the test playlist and assess the changes, all while 343 analyzes and appropriately adjusts for the feedback. On October 2nd, the playlist will be removed and replaced with the original mode without any alterations, while the evaluated information is considered for the full update coming in November. Changes will affect a variety of firearms and abilities, including the Assault Rifle, SMG, Gunfighter Magnum, Active Camouflage, and many more. 343 Industries highly encourages feedback of all sorts, and you can contribute in a variety of factors, Halo Waypoint’s forums and the Community Feedback Program¬†being some of the best outlets to make your voice heard.

A full list of changes to the Halo 5 weapon sandbox can be found on HaloWaypoint.com in the entire article.

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