Halo 4 Global Championship Week 4

Halo 4 Global Championship
The online qualifiers are almost to a close as we enter week 4 of the Halo 4 Global Championship. The leaderboard is reset and a new set of prizes is ready to be given away. Rumble Grab Bag is this week’s theme featuring the Rumble Slayer you all have been playing with a splash of objective. Remember, place top 4 in the week and you’ll secure a place in the finals at PAX Prime in Seattle. For this week’s gametype/map match up, Waypoint has put together a little table to help us out.

The break downs of the loadouts and gametype settings are in the latest Matchmaking Update. Registration is still open if you haven’t yet bitten the bullet, so go sign-up and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky finalists.

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