Halo 4 Global Championship Week 3

Halo 4 Global Championship
Week 3 of the Halo 4 Global Championship is live with all new opportunities to place on the leaderboard and win one of the new weekly prizes. This week’s gametype is Rumble Pro and the top 4 performers will advance to the finals at PAX Prime in Seattle. Rumble Pro comes in two flavors: one with all precision starting weapons and one that is BRs only. More information on the gametype specific settings and maps is available in last week’s Halo Bulletin. If you have still not registered, you can still sign-up and compete for one of the coveted finalist positions.

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  1. metalhead593 says:

    I am surprised to learn that Jun is alive. I am pretty sure that in one of the hooks it was said when someone was talking about Dr. Halsey’s escape from Reach that at some point after their departure from Reach that her Spartan escort was killed. I don’t remember which book it was. Either way, I am glad to know that at least one member of Noble team survived.

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