Halo 4 Global Championship Starts Today!

Halo 4 Global Championship
The largest Halo tournament to date officially started at RTX last week with the top six players from the qualifiers receiving Vanguard Gaems Cases along with fully paid trips to Seattle for the finals at PAX Prime. Among three pro Halo players that placed in the top six, three other attendees made the cut. Today the online portion of the championship starts in the new Global Championship playlist in Halo 4 War Games Matchmaking. This week marks the first of 5 qualifying weeks where the top 4 from every week will receive all-expense paid trips to PAX Prime for the finals. The finalists from RTX, the online qualifiers, and Gamescom will be in the running for a first place prize of $200,000. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Halo 4 champion? If so, register now and start playing your games today.

How It Works

Every week for the next 5 weeks will be a separate qualifying round, where the top 4 performers will become finalists, flown out and put up to participate in the finals at PAX Prime 2013. Each week features a different set of game types, giving players multiple opportunities to compete and shine. Every game played is scored based on the players placing at the end of a game. First place receives 8 points, second receives 7 and so on with receiving zero for a disconnect. Twenty games must be played and recorded to qualify for the week of competition. At the end of the week, the scored are averaged to get a final resulting score for the week ranging from eight to zero. Ties are broken by the number of games played by each player involved with the tie. Further tie-breaking tiers were defined in the latest Halo Bulletin.

This Week: Infinity Slayer

This week’s game type is Infinity Slayer, the featured game type introduced into the Halo multiplayer sandbox in Halo 4. Customized loadouts are allowed in game with personal ordinance providing the options of the three grenade types. The games play for 12 minutes with the first to earn 25 kills, or 250 points. The maps featured in this week’s championship playlist is Haven, Solace, Adrift, Abandon, Landfall, Monolith and Skyline. Again, top 4 players in this week become finalists for the championship at PAX Prime.

Visit the Halo 4 Global Championship Hub for access to the schedule, leaderboards, prizes and rules to the tournament.

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