Halo 4 Global Championship Giveaway

Halo 4 Global Championship
As we announced on our podcast yesterday, we are giving away two invites to the Halo 4 Global Championship invitational bracket at PAX Prime 2013. In order to qualify, you must meet the tournament rules and be going to PAX. In order to enter, just send an email to duststorm@podtacular.com with your gamertag and the reason why you deserve the invite. We have two to give away and the reasons can be as serious as to speak to your skill on the battle field, or as funny as why you would cause the most mayhem in Halo. Your submissions are due by 11:59P PDT on Saturday to be considered. The rest of your information will be collected when notified on Sunday. Good luck.

*Please note that all invited players must be 18 years of age or older as of July 5th, 2013, not be residents of AZ, CT, MD, TN, QUEBEC AND WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW, and be eligible according to tournament rules (see below) in order to compete.

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