Celebrating 15 Years of Halo Tonight

Today marks Halo’s 15th anniversary after launching in 2001 with the original Xbox. Back in 2011, 343 Industries held Halo Fest at Pax Prime, but today, they’re celebrating with a special anniversary Halo Livestream starting at 3:43PM PST. During the stream, catch a behind the scenes look at the studio’s celebration of the anniversary with a tour of the Halo museum, Halo Wars 2 Blitz Interview, preview at HCS Las Vegas next month, a look at the anniversary REQ pack, unboxing the next Halo Legendary Crate and more.  Over on Halo Waypoint, some of the studio heads, former studio members and community members, including yours truly, chime in on what makes the Halo franchise so special to them.  There are new Xbox gamerpics available for use on profiles or clubs available also in download form for use on social media. Halo Gear also has new goodies to pick up including a plasma grenade plush. For more information about tonight’s event and to get a preview of the Anniversary Throwback Playlist, head on over to Halo Waypoint.

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