Playtime Live Stream

Playtime Stream

Tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern we will be having an uninterrupted stream of all 4 Playtime seasons with CruelLEGACEY. There will be live Q&A between seasons so now’s the chance to ask those burning questions about the machinima series you have wanted to ask. The total duration of the stream will be about two and a half to three hours, so grab some popcorn, kick back and relax as we bring you the entire Playtime experience. We will be broadcasting on our Twitch channel.

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  1. Mister Carebear says:

    I know this is a Machinima, as is redvsblue. I just wanted to ask if there was ever a DVD for Playtime series? I’ll be trying to attend the live stream, sadly will only be taking part in the last hour. Parent duty comes first. Looking forward to playing Boggle with asked/unasked questions. Hope y’all get the reference

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