ZOMG Bungie is starting it’s own Podcast!

Well it was only a matter of time until Bungie copied our idea ;) . Seriously, they’re going to give the inside scoop from the Bungie perspective, which will be awesome! Of course we’ll still be here to offer customs, Halo 3 perspective, stories, community news, Halo jokes, gameplay tips and more, all from your perspective. So bring it on, Bungie, there’s plenty of room around the table! Just return the favor and send some people our way once in a while too, huh? (wink wink)

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26 Responses to ZOMG Bungie is starting it’s own Podcast!

  1. TFD says:

    definatly sounds like they are copying podtacular

  2. QualityJeverage says:

    OMG t3h coolne55!

  3. mir340 says:

    aw man! bring it on.
    but now i got to make some room
    in my ipod for another podcast. . .

  4. Scuzzy says:

    -blam!- BUNGIE!!! YOU COPYING -blam!-s You guys are such -blam!-holes!!!

    I love you Bungie… and your -blam!- cuss word editors. ;)

  5. Pedro Taco says:

    Down go our numbers.

  6. DecodedFeedback says:

    it was only a amount of time before they this,i would like to listen and and see what kind of feedback it will get,of course bungie podcast will be a nub cake compared to podtacular

  7. Daa Wheeze says:

    Bungie’s podcast might be good, but podtacular will always be better(even though bungie created the game and know everything about it)!

  8. DecodedFeedback says:

    ya,bunie will be just fact

  9. noradseven says:

    im not surprised

  10. MadGecko says:

    why would you guys think that bungies would not be as good as this one? granted, we do have a lot of history and steam already built up. and a good show on top of that, but what we will never have that bungie will have at their disposal is the horses mouth. information will not be second hand from them, and therefore it will be crutial that we as Halo 2 players listen to the bungie podcast in order to keep up with the latest from everyones favorite game designers. thats my 2 cents

  11. Mj2027 says:

    cool cool….those cool! bastards we all love.

  12. KIMO23 says:

    ZOMG! indeed.

  13. Painkilla05 says:

    Speaking of speaking, we’re looking at building a – gasp – podcast! Yes, we invented the idea. It is like a kind of mini-radio show and nobody has ever thought of it before.
    OMG W/E!

  14. JVB says:

    Thats sweet. Maybe me and Foo can make a guest appearance…:-)

  15. Lord hobo says:

    that would be teh ultmate podcast there JVB

  16. ExpandedFlame says:

    WOW, are they getting jealous of us? After we pwned them at the Humpday challenge? Well, I hope this doesn’t get competitive.

    I bet they will use the term “The Official Halo 2 Podcast” or “The Offical Halo Universe Podcast” like us… but only they get to use the term “Official”.. that would be bad :(

  17. Dialpex says:

    that’s awesom… imagine if we can get some guest hosts there? like Foo Mo or JVB?!? that would be crazy man… the word about podtacular would reaaaaaly get out there…

  18. A Oompa Loompah says:

    That would be super cool. We would get even more lissiners.

  19. terminatormonky says:

    we would if they would talk about podtacular in there podcasts

  20. Hazard says:

    That is funny!!!!!!
    They copied us!!!

  21. MadGecko says:

    if there is any copying going on, then Podtacular is on that bandwagon. Podcasts were still huge before this one started up. Not that we didnt do a great job pioneering into the realm of H2 podcasting, and were soon followed up by a slew of other (read: unworthy *cough*drpshk*cough*) podcasts.

  22. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Ya there going to start maybe with 10000 lisiners even more. For example Major Nelson has 100.000 lisiners. That’s Crazy.

  23. CrashWave says:

    That’s gonna be such a cool podcast…

     Right behind you guys of course :P

  24. DrThom says:

    You know what we be cooler than having some Podtacular people on the Bungie podcast? The other way around.

  25. A Oompa Loompah says:

    Yup Good idea DrThom.

  26. Serenade X says:

    Not that Bungie would be fans but i think that they might be doing a podcast that will tell similar to their weekly updates while Podtacular could keep doing what they’re doing.  Or if Bungie has some other cool idea hidden i can’t wait to see it

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