The top 10 things people want to see in Halo 3

Podtacular has had 1 hour shows once a month since January called the “Halo 3 show” where we talk mostly about what people want to see in Halo 3. There have been hundreds and hundreds of suggestions, and these are the ones people want to see the most.
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I intentionally left out things Bungie has already confirmed, such as new vehicles, maps and weapons, the return of some older levels, larger battles in campaign, and new game types in matchmaking.


10. Armor that takes visible damage. People suggested chunks of armor flying off or armor denting, scratching, or cracking. This would make for a more realistic portrayal of damage. Although it would go beyond the energy shield being the first line of defense, it would add to the realism.

9. Dynamic weather and daylight. For another way to customize a level and make it interesting, many people suggested having the option for weather such as snow, rain or fog on a level to change the feel and playability. Also having different times of day or night would change the whole look and bring midnight snipers into the mix.

8. More interactive and destructible maps. Most everybody loved the addition of things like the openable gate and deployable bridge on Zanzibar, the openable transporter on Relic, etc. And they want more! More interaction with the level would make for more interesting games. People also suggested more capability to destroy parts of levels, such as an assault bomb going off destroying walls, floors and ceilings around it.

7. A survival mode. A gameplay mode where you have to see how long you can survive while waves and waves of covenant are sent in to try and take you out. Like it or not, lots of people suggested this.

6. Usable Jackal shield. This seems to be the most obvious answer to the notorious “noob combo.” Holding the Jackal shield would obstruct your vision and you could only hold a dual-wieldable weapon in your other hand, which would even it out. It could be taken out with a plasma pistol overcharge or enough damage, similar to the portable shields in the single player levels of Halo 1 and 2. Some have even suggested a marine shield such as a riot shield as an alternative.

5. More playable characters. We know that not all the Spartans are dead according to the books. Why not make different Spartans with different armor or capabilities available to play as? Playable covenent didn’t work because of the larger headshot target, but maybe it could be done with other aliens or Spartans? Or maybe some other character we haven’t thought of yet?

4. A map editor. Games such as Far Cry: Instincts already have this available on the Xbox. Why not Halo 3? This really could be a killer feature if done right. There could be a way to share created maps for custom games in kind of a marketplace.

3. Online cooperative play. This feature was clearly planned for Halo 2, but apparently couldn’t be completed in time. Cooperative game play builds teamwork and allows non-competitive players to enjoy playing with other people. Of course many would prefer for the difficulty to be hiked up somehow to accomodate for an extra soldier on the battlefield.

2. A flyable Pelican. The main reason people want this is to have a viable troop transport vehicle where you can send in an overwhelming force of foot soldiers. As long as you can get them there of course, which is where balance comes in. Some have suggested being able to take it down with 4 rockets or even having an anti-aircraft gun. Others have suggested an alternative to the pelican being a warthog or other ground vehicle that carries lots of troops. Either way, lots of people want a flyable pelican and they want it in Halo 3!

1. Bots. Love it or hate it, tons of people want to see bots as an option in Halo 3 multiplayer. It would help to learn the basics of multiplayer without getting yelled at, it would help to practice and fine-tune techniques, and it would at least even out the teams when you want to even them out with a bot.


Agree with these? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below! You can also send in stuff you want to see in Halo 3 and if it’s good and unique, we’ll mention it on the podcast.

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19 Responses to The top 10 things people want to see in Halo 3

  1. Dialpex says:

    These are awesome… and i just signed up with and voted… you guys should do the same..!!!


  2. Rollback says:

    Definitely. All of these sound like great ideas. If any of you have played Clone Wars for Gamecube, you remember the waves and waves in versus mode of droids that come to destroy you. Even though we are all big Xbox fans, my friends and I sometimes plub in the ol’ ‘Cube to play that very fun game. The pelican could also be dynamic to maps, check out my suggestion on Halo 3 for more of that. Also, I think environment editions would be great. It could effect how fast your vehicle moves, how well it handles, etcetera. The possibilities are endless!

  3. QualityJeverage says:

    Dugg! Nice job Foo!

  4. xl Ac3 Ix says:

    BOTS?!!! Are you kidding me.  What a bad idea

  5. QualityJeverage says:

    I don’t get it. What’s so horrible about Bots? I see nothing but Positives about Bots.

  6. XDigitalSlayrX says:

    Bots is a good idea, IF it is done right. I think bungie would do a good job with bots, if they took the time to do it correctly.

  7. Infektion X says:

    I dugg or whatever it was.
    xI Ac3 Ix, heres not the place to complain. goto forums and know ur head off.

  8. one step ahead says:

    i would like some of these things.

    many people would like bots that do not have live.

  9. fatt stuff says:

    Bots would be cool if they had a difficulty setting

  10. ClownX says:

    That’s what we want. Customizeable bots, who won’t yell at you if you want to play Shwatkets 30 games straight. Sam, that one’s for you!

  11. SDtektiv says:

    Those are great!

    I’d like to see in Halo 3, the same great Podtacular Custom gaming sessions w00t! 16 people going up the lift at once! Crazy good times!

  12. Redchannel says:

    I am pretty familiar with digg and there podcast. if you like the old stuff from tech tv. you’ll love this. I am the 1337-est digg user here.

  13. Dialpex says:

    WOW… When i voted that was only 4 Digg hits.. now it’s like 500 and something… WOW…

  14. QualityJeverage says:

    Gah, I can’t even look at that article anymore. There are too many idiots who think they’re geniuses making wisecracks about why they didn’t like Halo 1 or 2. It just gets annoying.

  15. MyThIc3LiTe says:

    you can do co-op over system link, and using the internet and XBC you can do it with someone else as well. I only know this becaues i tred xbox connect when i didnt have XBL. you go into system link and get into a game with 1 person or make one yourself. as soon as someone comes in go into the quick options and go to the ‘switch to co-operative play’. if you do it correctly you can now choose any co-op level and any difficulty and you and your partner can play. I havent tried it with more then one person but seeing how XBC and system link are set-up it isnt that far-fetched. just a suggestion for people who really want to play co-op with some random guy

  16. Painkilla05 says:

    Maybe Bungie was listening. This was in their latest update:
    [quote]If you could have one wish granted in Halo 3, what would it be?

    Halo 3 is a wish come true enough for me. It’s a relief to know that all of our teammates and allies won’t be scattered by the four winds to other games. Last week, I would have wished for smarter AI to man the tailgun on my Warthog, but you already granted that one. So, I guess I could use this opportunity to ask that you restore Clanmatches. You obviously don’t need my advice to turn out a good product, as you haven’t asked for it until now.[/quote]

  17. domthebomb says:

    I do remember seeing some images of Troop Transport warthogs [i]way[/i] before Halo 2 came out. The images were in (i think) in Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine back in February of 2000 or 2002 or something. I’m not really for the pelican (it’s too friggin big, unless it’s in campaign) and a troop transport warthog would be freaken awesome.

    Plus, i’m not for the bots.

  18. noradseven says:

    You don’t have to use bots if you don’t want to, im mean come on.

  19. trainsrokg says:

    Bots would be awesome because my x-box live was unplugged and my friends suck so the want to be on my team against something else

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