The New Podtacular Clans are Here!!

The time has come to unveil the new Podtacular clans! We will be sending invites to all existing Podtacular clan members to the new clans. There’s 2 types of clans now:


This is a place to hang out, meet other listeners, play some cool customs, or train for the next level. No level limits or member limits. This is also the place to get in touch and play custom saturdays with the Podtacular crew and have some friendly tournaments. The official names are:

  • PodtacularRec A – Overlord is Foo Mo Jive
  • PodtacularRec B – Overlord is RvB M CaBo0sE
  • PodtacularRec C – Overlord is DrThom
  • PodtacularRec D – Overlord is Danl


These competitive, elite teams are going for bragging rights as the top ranking podtacular clan. Plus they participate in podtacular tournaments. By invite only, and limit 20 members. The official names are:

  • PodtacularPro A – Overlord is JVB
  • PodtacularPro B – Overlord is GLewis
  • PodtacularPro C – Overlord is Kilobyte
  • PodtacularPro D – Overlord is Samanator
  • PodtacularPro E – Overlord is Filthy Noob
  • PodtacularPro F – Overlord is Expanded Flame
  • PodtacularPro G – Overlord is Fulcan

The overlords are some of the biggest names in Podtacular. So keep an eye out for that invite and accept it ASAP!

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10 Responses to The New Podtacular Clans are Here!!

  1. ExpandedFlame says:

    When can Capn Krunk get the new clans on the clans section?

  2. foomojive says:

    Because I am a dork. :) Fixed.

  3. ExpandedFlame says:

    WOW we are considered the biggest names in Podtacular!… I like the way you said that foo mo jive… also why is there PodtacularRec D in teh Pro List?

  4. Samanator says:

    woot woot new clans alllright

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    Pod Pro F OWNS!

  6. JuanoTejano says:

    So I heard that the pro clans were going to be kept small but I was wondering what the limit for each one is if it has been deceided yet and where I can see a list of who’s in what clan… if thats possible cause that would be sweet.

  7. Rainhailer says:

    By invite only, as in only they send out invites to who they want?
    Or we let them know we’re interested, then they invite if they want?

    Thanks! Great Ideas.

    Edit: Nevermind I was a noob and didn’t check the forums. Answered my own question.

  8. Painkilla05 says:

    Its up to the overlord who can be in and how many he wants in. Myself being the overlord of Pod Pro D will have about 10-15 members only.

  9. Anonymous says:

    20 members is the hard limit, but it’s recommended to stay well below that. And yes, you can ask for an invite as long as you’re in a rec clan first. But it’s up to the pro overlords if they think you’re good enough.

  10. Brendan_O says:

    I just joined so can I get a rec clan invite

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