The Blue Skittle Issue 4

Hey, It’s that time of month again… Yes The Blue Skittle is releasing another issue of this exciting online magazine with a bunch of cool articles in it. This time the magazine brings an article by me, your very own Dialpex from podtacular. As many of you know I’m part of the writing staff over at The Blue Skittle and it’s been a great experience getting along with Ooopy, Kiki and the whole TBS staff. Its a great team to be part of.
But anyway, check out the magazine and don’t forget to check out my article… There were a couple of you here in podtacular that are mentioned there for your help.

Here’s the LINK.

Check it out now!!!!

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4 Responses to The Blue Skittle Issue 4

  1. Killazilla says:

    Nice article Dial!

    I love the pic in it XD

  2. foomojive says:

    Yeah good job Dial!

  3. Dialpex says:

    Thanks for the support guys.

  4. chuckiej says:

    I enjoyed reading your article, Mr. Dialpex, and am reading the rest of the issue soon!

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