As a community devoted to the enjoyment and healthy lovin’ of the Halo franchise, we can’t help but be curious as to what Halo 3 will bring us. Thanks to Bungie, we’ve been able to enjoy a public beta of Halo 3 for a few weeks now and it seems that everybody is confident that the multiplayer aspect of Halo 3 will meet everyone’s expectations.

However, to find out what happens to Master Chief and the human race, the Covenant (and even those pesky Flood), the suspense is gonna be downright brutal in the coming months. None of us know what’s going to happen yet, but we’re all just as eager as the next guy to see it play out. So, here at Podtacular, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to not ruin anyone’s fun and discuss or spoil the single player campaign of the game until people have had a chance to experience it for themselves. We ask that you do the same.

That means in your blogs, forum posts, comments, etc. you should use a little discretion and not discuss spoilers. If you have some new information but aren’t sure if it’s spoiler material, please at least mark it with a SPOILER WARNING. We’ll do our best to keep Podtacular.com spoiler-free (at our own expense, of course), but it’s all in the interest of not ruining what new hotness Bungie has in store to melt our brains this September.

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17 Responses to Spoilers?

  1. BMC eclipse says:

    thank you for preserving the excitement of halo 3

  2. DentingCobra says:

    Yes. Thanks to Capn!

  3. Killazilla says:


  4. lilkuke says:


  5. Sqweryl says:

    Yeah, thank you. The multiplayer is pretty much opened now but the Single Player is where the real story occurs.

  6. ClownX says:

    I really don’t care about MP spoilers. The story is my only beef. Thanks.

  7. blankCANVAS says:

    Krunk, edit out that picture! It has a HUGE spoiler in it!

  8. ironicpear says:

    yeah thanks krunk, i really want to save the story a surprise!

  9. Rocktard says:

    Cheers, Krunk.

  10. marooner says:

    yes i agree with this but on first impression i thought it was to do with car spoilers!!!

  11. smarmythatguy says:

    i 100% agree, but i too am a little disappointed that this wasn’t about that wicked awesome spoiler on the back of that car. I just might have to put one on my ’01 escort!

  12. Kickimanjaro says:

    Yeah, I had my climactic ending of Crackdown ruined by a spoiler lol… So let’s not let this happen with Halo 3.

  13. Dust Storm says:

    This is a great idea, but I can see a lot of people looking at this button and being “WTF?” and not be concerned about others and more about bragging rights. Though this may not be true in this community, I strongly encourage putting this or referencing this directly in the regular updates section on the home page. Just a thought and an idea. Keep on fraggin’ trucks.

  14. ClownX says:

    Oh, may I remind you that these rules apply in the IRC. I must remember this, because I let my friend use my computer without me looking, and he said some things about BioShock. I got banzored.

  15. CrimsonViper says:

    To abbreviate on that (a few days later), anyone who says any Halo 3 spoilers on the IRC channel within the first week will be banned (it could be temporary or permanent, depending on importance).

  16. Mag92 says:

    No one needs to know yet, so shut up.

  17. Total Tortilla says:

    I don’t plan on revealing anything at all. The secrets are safe… for now… *Maniacal laughter*

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