Sneak Peek: August 2006 Matchmaking Update

KP posted most of the details of the next Halo 2 matchmaking update in Bungie’s forums recently. They include a major overhaul of Double Team, a decision to keep Team SWAT unranked, and a new and mysterious playlist coming out: Team Carnage! Could that be the aforementioned community playlist? More talk and details in the forums.

UPDATE: Team Carnage is live, and there are some really cool game types in it! It comes from our homies at HBO!

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8 Responses to Sneak Peek: August 2006 Matchmaking Update

  1. Dialpex says:

    Yeah.. I cant wait to see that play list. I wanna know all about it..!!!

  2. Painkilla05 says:

    What could it mean!

    Carnage-Massive slaughter, as in war; a massacre.

    Maybe like a Juggernaut list?

  3. CrashWave says:

    Looks great, I’m disappointed team swat isn’t ranked though…

  4. Redotonur4head says:

    Same here, I was really hoping they would do one of those “hidden-rank” things with Team SWAT, oh well.

    BTW…I played Team Carnage and there are some awfully wierd gametypes in there, like a No Shield Shotgun CTF (w/ grenades) and a 2 capture, 6 round CTF game on Lockout (that was SWAT). All of the games are 6 vs. 6 which is also kinda wierd, its worth checking out though :).

  5. sapadrew says:

    all the games came from HBO. maybe podtacular should send in a game list

  6. ktp 11 says:

    i think this is the worst playlist ever made al of the games result in at least 20 spawn deaths per game. Also, all of hte games i played resulted in every single person quitting because of their hatred towards no shield and rockets.

  7. articlegfx says:

    I personally think it’s awful. I really don’t like that they took away RHC for it, either. I don’t like that at all.

  8. gomez says:

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