Sign up for the Halo 3 beta on 12/4!

Surprise, surprise! Microsoft has announced that they will be accepting signups for the upcoming Halo 3 beta (due in Spring 2007) this Monday, December 4th. The beta will be available to gamers in North America worldwide, and only a select amount of registrants will be accepted.

From GamerscoreBlog

The Xbox Live multiplayer public beta, which is a pre-release version of the multiplayer experience of “Halo 3,” is scheduled for availability in spring 2007 exclusively on Xbox 360. This beta also represents an opportunity for gamers to participate in the development of “Halo 3.” Through the resulting feedback, Bungie Studios will be able to further refine and hone the end result of “Halo 3.”

You can sign up at

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48 Responses to Sign up for the Halo 3 beta on 12/4!

  1. corboman says:

    So wait… you’ll have to register on Monday and then they will send the file over xbl to all the people that register or what? Is it gonna be hard to be on the list of people getting it??

  2. QualityJeverage says:

    Basically, just try on Monday. Also, singing up doesn’t mean you get to play on Monday.

    The Beta doesn’t actually start until Spring, these are just sign-ups. Still, you can bet I’ll be here at my computer in my underwear at 12:00 on Monday.

  3. Infektion X says:

    A couple questions….

    Are there any restrictions?
    How do you get it?
    Is there a limit?
    My friend wants to sign up but he won’t get a 360 until christmas. Can he still sign up?

  4. Painkilla05 says:

    I need to get a 360 this weekend.

  5. Killazilla says:

    North America FTW!

  6. ausomadam says:

    dahhh i cant get on this thing at 12 what if i dont make it on the list!>!>!>!?!?!?!>!?>!?>?!>

  7. Drummer 4 Hire says:

    Does any body know what time you can sign up on Dec. 4??

  8. xl Ac3 Ix says: just brings me to tho. On monday will it bring me somewhere else?

  9. CapnKrunk says:

    I wouldn’t assume it’s going to be first-come, first-serve with the signups. If you think about it, Bungie would probably like to get a wide variety of players from different areas of the country (or continent, rather), and taking the first people on the East coast sign up at midnight wouldn’t be a good way to do that.

    Yes, I’m sure will look very different on 12/4, so be sure to check back then.

  10. Mid7night says:

    They also said that it will be available to those outside the US as well. A quote from the latest news on

    “We also made mention of the Halo 3 Beta (coming some time in 2007) and folks panicked when they saw that a press release mentioned only the US. [b]Don’t panic. The Halo 3 Beta will be available in the US, Europe and elsewhere in the world.[/b] We’ll keep you updated on the detailed specifics as they come in.”

  11. DarkTucker says:

    well all i have to say is
    any one on Podtacular that gets this better record footage and post the holiness!!!

  12. NamesTwister says:

    I am definitely going to beg my parents to let me stay up for this. And if they don’t let me, I’ll just have to sneak out of my room at midnight and register, lol.

  13. Elaborate Toast says:

    I’m waking up at 12AM on Monday, not going to school, and I AM GETTING THIS BETA!!!

  14. Xx Masta Sam says:

    i assume they will mail you the disk in a few months. plus MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR AGE ABOVE 18, it never hurts to be on the safe side

  15. Infektion X says:

    remember guys, its coming out in the springtime.

  16. MadGecko says:

    make sure to put your [b]actual age[/b], if they ask. there is a reason these games are rated what they are. self cencorship is a great priveldge that this country can afford… having the government step in would be desasterous *cough*HillaryClinton*cough*. if being under 18 means that you are not able to participate in this beta, then i hope you will do the right thing and tell the truth, even if halo is your entire life… which it shouldnt be anyway

  17. Algebra Cow says:

    who isn’t signing up

  18. Stooch says:

    I’m praying on my knees here and now that I get a spot.

  19. License 2 ill says:

    well if you aren’t old enough to play the beta, then why is it alright to play halo 2…….and there is no need to add politics to this

  20. Mr 0uch says:

    i wonder what time zone this thing will be relased at cuse im about 16 hours ahead of u americans

  21. Infektion X says:

    yeah with the real age thing, thats why im getting my brother to sign up for me. he’ll let me play it.

  22. Redchannel says:

    Cannot Wait !

  23. deville75 says:

    It’s not up!!!!

  24. deville75 says:

    It’s not up!!!!

  25. deville75 says:

    It’s 12.00 Am Eastern.. stil directs me to

  26. caz51 says:

    me 2 this sucks

  27. caz51 says:

    i stayed up till midnight just to be directed back to 29 times???

  28. caz51 says:

    make it 31

  29. deville75 says:

    lol.. damnit! when is this coming online?

  30. MadGecko says:

    maybe its 12 on the pacific? that would suck for people on east… lol

  31. deville75 says:

    wut is 12 pacific for us?

  32. MadGecko says:

    what time zone are u in?

  33. deville75 says:

    EST I’m guessing 12 pacific is like.. 3 EST.. DAMN!

  34. MadGecko says:

    11:30 mountain time … still nothing

  35. DarkTucker says:

    geez the anticipation is killin me

  36. Xx Masta Sam says:

    1 more minute

  37. Chevelle65 says:

    Every time i click the link it takes me to bungie . net!!!!!!!

  38. deville75 says:

    working now.. but it says check back. :S.. wait till Trailer airs on TV i guess.

  39. Killazilla says:

    I can’t read any comment other than the first one. weird.

  40. SoggyLongbottom says:

    yeah, same thing happened to me. but I switched to firefox and it worked.

    lol at it saying come back…today.

  41. NamesTwister says:

    if redirects you to bunie then instead of just typing , type When I leave out the “www.” it goes to bungie, with it in, it goes to the halo3 site.

  42. ausomadam says:

    it worked for me i registered but when i sighned in after that it didnt show anything else im under 17 tho did anyone else do it yet?

  43. chuckiej says:

    They seem to be getting SLAMMED right now.

    Edit: I filled out the form and got sent to a white microsoft page. No info.

  44. Painkilla05 says:

    Gaa I hope I get in so I can use the shield grenade!

  45. Algebra Cow says:

    for firefox i had to switch over to ie and i sign up under my dad woot

  46. Ju Blaine says:

    It all works legit now. You don’t get a confirm email, but it’s all through the halo3 domain = legitimate Bungie site.

  47. spartan1118 says:

    Wow! You guys all missed school and stuff just to sign up? I signed up just now and got in even faster than when I tried to sign up yesterday.

  48. ForgotenAERO says:

    you have to go to then get the sign up link from there to get to the sign up page

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