Podtacular’s New Adopted Theme Music

It’s time to give credit where credit’s due. Many of you have asked about the new theme music for Podtacular. It turns out it was made by Prototype Raptor as a remix for Overclocked Remix but somehow didn’t make their cut and is not featured in the Halo section of their site. It’s called Halo: Groove and I think the song is way better than some of the other stuff they have in the Halo section, but I digress. More info can be found in this forum thread on OCRemix and you can download the song in it’s entirety here. Thanks Prototype for making such an awesome song!

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9 Responses to Podtacular’s New Adopted Theme Music

  1. CrimsonViper says:

    I love Overclocked Remix, I remember listening to the original Podtacular theme song months ago off the site.
    I was thinking of making the ending theme of the show blend into the original ending theme, but I don’t know how it’d go over :p

  2. Spoofmaniac says:

    I was in the car when I first heard it and I played it back like 20 times. No joke. I also choreographed an entire Halo fight scene in my head with this song.

  3. drive_c says:

    Awesome, It’s nice to be able to download such a cool song. :)

    (FooMo: So do you like the old intro music or do you want something new?
    Me: Umm, I liked the old stuff, but yeah, I’d like to hear something new if someone could make it better.
    JVB: Well! Are you going to make it? Where are we going to get better music?
    Me: Umm, I was just saying something new would be cool…
    FooMo: Lol
    JVB: *Arnold Lol – There was probably a “Dah” in there too…)

  4. marooner says:

    Thats a great song. This is going on my ipod.

  5. ScrawnyPaleMan says:

    i listen to this everyday at school

  6. slack3r 117 says:

    yeah this song rocks

  7. slack3r 117 says:

    yeah this song rocks

  8. slack3r 117 says:

    yeah this song rocks

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