Podtacular Pro clans are evolving

This is only for the pro clans. If you are in a rec clan or you’re not in a Podtacular clan, everything stays the same.

The pro clans are a good idea, no doubt. But they weren’t working in most cases because some small teams just didn’t gel together. So some teams just never played and therefore never had a chance. After thinking this over, we have found a solution.

Halo 2, _Planetside_ Style

The idea is that we have 2 big teams but smaller teams within those that get to compete within tournaments. So like “platoons” or whatever of 4-person teams representing their bigger team (PodtacularPro A or PodtacularPro B ) so that while one platoon will win a tournament, it comes down to adding up the points to see which bigger team wins. Get it? We’ll work out the tournament details soon, but for now here’s the breakdown of where each team consolidates to:

PodtacularPro A PodtacularPro B
Pro D Pro C
Pro E Pro F
Pro H Pro G
Pro I

There are now 2 overlords per pro clan and the current overlords should be moved over as staff for the mega-clans. If you’re in a pro clan you’ll be getting an invite to either A or B depending on the table above. You can still play with your team of course, and even compete with them in tournaments. Post in the comments if you have any questions.

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21 Responses to Podtacular Pro clans are evolving

  1. Ciclonic says:

    Sweet. I cant wait to see how this is going to turn out and how many mini-teams will be formed.

  2. Dialpex says:

    Yeah.. This will e pretty sweeeeet… Can’t wait to see the tournament… We will have some new within the next few days… I was actualy able to talk to JonnySan last nite… It will be great guys… JonnySan really takes his tournaments serious… and so do I…
    By the way… I just love this new way… Thanks everyone that came to the meeting last night and all of your valuable contributions…


  3. KIMO23 says:

    congrats to GLewis and Dialpex who are the overlords of Pod Pro B, and to me and TollBootheWilley who are the overlords of Pod Pro A.

  4. Shodan1028 says:

    Sweet hawtness. I’d love to get in on that. If only i had skill…

    Or my mic/voice worked.

  5. hungry whexican says:

    when will these invite be sent out??

  6. Dialpex says:

    You should already have one.. I think ToolBoothWilley was on top of that Last nite… By the way… You guys have a great overlord… ToolBooth is a good guy… you guys take care of him…!!!!

    Good Luck to all Pro A… and congrats to Tool, Kimo and Glewis as well..!!!


  7. SoggyLongbottom says:

    Well, we’ll just forget his little incident from this morning haha.
    But at least we all know he’s in Pro D haha

  8. RusOmi7677 says:

    It was a long discussion last night about this and i think that the right descision was made..PodPro F is merging with into PodPro B all invites have been sent to all PodPro F members and will have until Sat April 8th to accept or all invites will be canceled and you will have to tryout all over again…..

  9. xXxITCxXx says:

    Awesome Clan Overlord’s. Congrats to you guys.

  10. JVB says:

    ?….This needs to explained to me in more detail. Last I remember, I was overlord of Pod Pro A…So does that mean I become a staff member in the Mega Clan?

    I dont get it…I keep looking at the article, but for some reason I cant focus enough to understand…Someone explain this to me….I’m in NuB mode right now.

  11. tollboothewilliey says:

    you become staff and make me overlord. Then i and kimo23 merge the clans together. all you have to do is make me overlord then i will make kimo23 co-overlord.

  12. hungry whexican says:

    still waiting on invite

  13. JVB says:

    I see.

  14. KIMO23 says:

    yeah, the only reason you weren’t an overlord is because

    1. you weren’t there and we needed to decide then
    2. foo mo and a bunch of other people decided that you had too much other stuff going on(seatag etc.) and that we didn’t want to load you up to much.

  15. JVB says:

    No its cool, I just would have like to know ahead of time and pick someone who I felt would be good for the role.

    I appreciate that you guys feel that I have alot on my plate, but I always tried to set time aside for the clan. Since Will and Kimo can put more time to the clan, I guess its the best thing for the clan.

    I couldnt be on since my 360 was in the shop, I have it now but they forgot my hardrive…So it hasnt been a fun 3 weeks for me. So if I come out sounding cranky, dont take it personal. When I get my hard drive this week, I’ll give the overlordship to whom ever I have to.

    Im sure this will workout fine, and I guess once the HD comes, I’ll be on Oblivion and GRAW alot more.

    Talk to you guys soon.


  16. tollboothewilliey says:

    sorry about taking you place man. i respect you to the tenth degree, and i am sorry if i took your place. I will expect he wont care but i am speaking on Kimo’s behalf that we all want you to take part in as much as possible and be staff. I hope you will forgive us all for making such a quick decision we just had to figure something out.

  17. JVB says:

    Nah man, you dont have to apologize bro. Like I said before, if you guys can put in the time to make things work, Im all for it.

    I know you guys will do great and I’ll support you guys to the fullest. When I get my hard drive, I’ll be able to hand things over.

    Dealing with MS and now not having my hard drive put me in a sour mood. So dont take it personal. I’m still the same old jolly guy you all know and love…DAAAH!

    Since I havent been able to play for 3 weeks, I have to catch up with my 360 games. Know I can do that with out feeling quilty..:-)

    Oblivion here I come:
    Image hosting by Photobucket

  18. The Hawk442 says:

    I like this clan configuration much better than the old one. I was never getting any clanmatches in when I was with Pod Pro D

  19. tollboothewilliey says:

    How about you were never in pro d there buddy. Or you might have been there when that noob Painkllia05 was running it!

  20. Painkilla05 says:

    screw you tollbooth.

  21. tollboothewilliey says:

    J/K, there adivlliz.

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