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I had the honor of representing the Podtacular community on the 86th episode of Gamertag Radio. Godfree, Cyber Athlete, Pink Sage and Feelz Good and myself bring the gaming world a action packed show.

Episode #86 – Virtual Tennis 3 & Xbox Rewards

Here is a rundown of the show:

This week after a few delays we are back with a new episode! Today staff members Pinksage, Feelz Good & Godfree are hosting Ep #86. We talked about GTR’s Birthday and how we need your help to come up with an idea for next weeks show. The winner will get a free game. Sega joins us for an interview about their upcoming game Virtual Tennis 3. If you’re a fan of the game since the old Dreamcast then don’t miss this interview! I think this could be more fun with online play, extra new features such as VTtv & more . They gave us the whole scoop about it and wants to battle the GTR staff for some multiplayer action. Sega vs GTR (coming soon)! This interview features Nano 551.

Audio review this week: Battlestations: Midway (Xbox 360) reviewed by Doc Adams

Also Mo Lam the Global Product Manager from Microsoft of the Xbox Rewards. He joins us and wants the community to know more about their new program. During this interview JVB from Podtacular.com came to help us out and asked a couple of questions. I know some of you are happy that we can finally win some cool prizes for just unlocking achievements on the Xbox 360!

Pinksage wants all our listeners to give us some Hugs for Valentines Day. Specially Feelz Good since he will be all alone playing some old Xbox games. So any females out there reply to this thread with Hugs to show him some love.

This week giveaway winners: I Kage I thank you for diggin our podcast! For that you get a free copy of NBA Street Homecourt (Xbox 360) & Spartan 5O wins a free copy of Virtual Tennis 3. Thank you for being active on our GTR forums. Please give us your addy asap and thank you to EA & Sega for the games.

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