Pod TV will return after these few messages.

Hey all, I know things here at Podtacular have come to a halt. The reason for this is because myself and other members of the team are very busy atm. Myself trying to get a nice portfolio together for university which I start in September. And Freak with work and his marriage etc. With this being said we hope to return the show in September with both a video and an audio show. I will have a lot more time on my hands and will be more dedicated to podtacular. The audio podcast that we will bring back will not rival that of the original, it will be a short gaming related show discussing Video games, New Releases, Halo stuff ofc, consoles, and general updates in the video game market. As I say this will be something like a 30 min episode with a few members of the community each week or two. The video side of things will be mainly halo related, MLG games, Top 10, Walkthroughs etc. But we will be bringing review frenzy to a video format as an additional show.

All i ask of the podtacular community is to stay strong and look forward to hopefully a very enjoyable future here at Podtacular.com

You can help us out in the mean time by staying active on the forums and donating to the hosting bill.


Regards Cryptoflix.

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6 Responses to Pod TV will return after these few messages.

  1. Dust Storm says:

    On that note, I have been approved by crypto to do a campaign run through for PodTV. I know some people want it where Foo Mo left off and others from the very beginning. I’m going to do all the campaign levels, including Skulls and Terminals. I will record the first one shortly and will have it done sometime this week.

  2. aadude says:

    I think we can all wait until september. You guys deserve the break. Keep up the good work.

  3. FarSightL0st says:

    Thanks for all that you guys have done I can’t wait to see you in September. Good luck luck at your university Crypto. Thats awesome that Dust Storm is doing the campaign show if you ever need a helping hand let me know, I may be new but I am always willing to help.

  4. KILLswitch41 says:

    I second that if anyone needs any help let me know, I would do anything for this podcast and community.

  5. Arbitation says:

    I have a fealing that they could ask just about anyone here at Podtac for help and they would accept!

    Well good luck with all you endeavours! Can’t wait till september…


  6. Cryptoflix says:

    Thanks, for the support. If i have any spare time i will do something. I might be able to fit an MLG community game in once a week, which does not need much editing just a whole game in one clip, but im not sure yet.

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