Please read and help.

DC Crash from DC Combat Radio gave me a heads-up about a Gamer called DX CoreyFear. His house was burned down, and he now has nothing. He has a family too, and needs our help.

Here is the full story:

DX CoreyFear House fire

I’m Pretty sure most people on DC know Coreyfear, well he’s been around along time from the FMJ crew, well i just got of the phone with him, and his House was burnt to the ground.
His Family and him self are OK no one was injured, everyone was out of the house.
SO the good News here is that his family and himself or OK.
The bad news is they lost everything in the fire.
I have known Corey for many years now and he is a true stand up guy, so his family comes first.
I told him if he needed anything to call and i would be there for what ever he needs.
If anyone knows corey feel free to contact me and i will give you his cell#,
For he can use all the support from anyone at this point in his life.
Maybe we can get with the admins and try to come up with a donation center for corey, you don’t have to give money.
You can send him a card of hope.
money isn’t the only thing that matters to a family that lost everything,
Just a phone call or even a email to his work, it gives them hope and keeps there head High in times like these.
So are prayers are there for him and his family, may you hold your head high in times like these, for it takes courage and will to rebuild.


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16 Responses to Please read and help.

  1. Kickimanjaro says:

    Hang in there! If there’s a donation tell me where I can help!

  2. foomojive says:

    We’re praying for you, Cory! Hang in there man!

  3. Byonchi says:

    Cory, if you read this, I want you to know that we’re all with you here. you don’t have to go it alone. Good luck.

  4. ooopy says:

    Thanks JVB.

    Cory is an awesome person and friend too many people. He’s always got a minute to make someone smile or laugh. He’s one of those person that always makes you feel like you part of his family. To have lost what he has lost, is truly something no can imagine unless you yourself have had it happen to yourself Cory truly appreciates just the warm wishes and thoughts as he tries to get thru this tough time

    Thanks for sharing this with your commnunity JVB, much love and respect

  5. Chevelle65 says:

    My father is trying to get rid of some of his stuff this weekend at a garage sale just because he is old and has no use or can no longer use it. I’m going by there tonight is there any thing I could look for that they may need or could help them or his family out? Just let me know. Also does he have any kind of paypal account set up, I would love to donate if so.

  6. Fag Biscut says:

    Cory will be in my prayers, i hope everthing turns out okay.

  7. LONESTAR ACE says:

    hay, allthough i’m new here and dont know cory i would just like to give him my best wishes and say that i’m glad that he and his family are ok

  8. lucastoast says:

    Thank God he and his family are okay, I can’t imagine how hard that must be.
    Although I don’t know him he will be in my prayers.

  9. chaseAH says:

    Thank god his family is ok. I’m praying for you. Pleas keep us up to date on this matter. i hope everthing turns out okay. If there’s a donation tell me where I can sigh up!

  10. nopian says:

    im new here and many of you guys dont know me ,but i just wanted to say that allthough i dont know cory i do wish him the best of wishes.

  11. Cryptoflix says:

    Yeah man, glad you and you family are ok! Hope things get better for you. Does anyone know where i can donate? Good luck man.

  12. StormPhoenix2 says:

    I don’t know Corey that well, but I’m very glad he survived and I give him my best wishes.

  13. styles clash says:

    omg that sucks Corey you will be in my prayers too. Anyone know how i can donate money or something?

  14. Legendary Hooligan says:

    same here… what kind of family? wife? kids? my family’s having a garage sale but this seems like it would be a much more worthy use of our stuff. let me know if there’s anything I can do or send.

  15. DC MissFire says:

    Thanks to everyone who has shown your support! Here’s all the info Cory has provided DC:

    Address: 29 Newark Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302
    PayPal account:

  16. The 400s says:

    Im kinda new and I don’t think many people know me here but Corey you’ll be in my prayers Hope things turn out ok

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