New Leader “Colony” Coming to Halo Wars 2

A recent vidoc published reveals a brand new leader for Halo Wars 2, along with plenty of new units and powers. Teased during Morgan Kinsano’s panel at PAX East, the new leader is a Hunter colony, known as just that, Colony. Colony will come with a plethora of new units, including a massive Hunter unit known as a Goliath, and a super-unit that can draw enemy fire and soak damage known as a Captain. New powers including a living barrier, which is as the name says, a set of barriers made up of Hunter worms, as well as a vehicle buff which embeds them with Hunter worms. The Colony leader will be releasing this month, and is available through the Season Pass if you own the deluxe edition, but can be bought normally.

There is a lot more information on Colony that can be found in the official vidoc on Halo’s

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