Matchmaking update is here!

Sweet! Rumble Hardcore, easier Big Team matches, no more Backwash in matchmaking. Sign on and check it out!

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25 Responses to Matchmaking update is here!

  1. jburton90 says:

    I dont know why, but I have to brag about 1st post

    Before the update: RH is gonna be so sweet!!

    After the update: I go into RH and play twice and realize that snipers w/ BR on lockout is incredibly ghey!! Then the next match is Human BR on midship, and I swear I had 20 kills taken away from me that map is way to small for BR starts if its ffa.

    Anyways thats all i’ve done with the update, I havent played BTB with a lot of people, s0o0o0o0o…….im gonna go now.


  2. Reaping Raven says:

    i dont know y i hav to brag about the second post. but ya i can’t wait! i cant play during the week but im super excited. i hate backwash, love rumble pit(muwahaha ill steal your kills) and ya im pumped.

  3. xXxITCxXx says:

    Ya i hated backwash in Matchmaking it always lag’s on the 360 for a reason. No backwash :)

  4. JuanoTejano says:

    ya 4th post… I hate how they keep taking anything that isn’t a br or a sniper rifle out of everything.

  5. Hazard says:

    Ok 5th is good
    I really like that map!
    O well

  6. Classicrockguy says:

    can’t wait to assemble an eight person party for big team. that’s going to be sweet

  7. BrentGamer says:

    Backwash has been destroyed. Rejoice my friends!!!

  8. juice57 says:

    backwash sucked in snipers

  9. juice57 says:

    why is there radar???

  10. Mitawachani says:

    I honestly don’t see what your guys’ problem is with backwash. It’s a little more challenging to see, so I think it’s actually a good map. If aything I’d rather go there than many other maps. But that’s just my opion, and obviously the majority goes against it, since they took it out…

  11. TrippinAcid says:

    I dont know why you Fu@$in id#@ts brag about posting first or second but whatever floats your boat. Anyways, I thought Rumble Hardcore was pretty stupid because the first 2 games I played were not fun at all. I played Carbine on Warlock and it was friggin stupid, its like lets put the stupidest gun on a map and make the kills up to 50, not fun at all! then i played snipers with BR on lockout and had the worst kill-stealing game of my life!

    Team Hardcore 8
    Rumble Hardcore 2

    Another piece of crap from bungie!

    PS: If their going to update our live experiance…. then give us some NEW MAPS, Like Boarding Action for example, seriously.

    I’m going to the bar to work out my frustrations HaHa!

  12. jburton90 says:

    Their not gonna make new maps! People need to realize that, if foo-mo is right then their makin halo 3.

    “Hey guys, lets not make halo 3, but lets make new maps for a 2 year old game”

  13. one step ahead says:

    i dont think they should takke backwash out of matchmaking except snipers but i like playing team slayer on it but if they dont want it they should just make the map occur less often then other maps

    Yay big team battle is back

  14. Total Sacrifice says:

    Backwash sucks.

  15. TrippinAcid says:

    Hey Dumb455(Jburton90)oops!
    Anyways the point i’m trying to make is that they have time to update the playlists but dont have time to add maybe 2 new maps? And “Jburton90” thinks that Halo 2 is a two your old game (actually its only 1 1/2 year old) that doesnt need new maps? Get outta town noob!! Halo 2 is still the most popular game played online and around the USA even with a nex-gen console out! This “2 year old game” as Jburton90 calls it, is the best game out their right now. So i would expect some great NEW maps to come out just for something to play with until Halo Forunner comes out.

    Think before you type because i’ll OWN you fool!! This is a Halo 2 Podcast site and i’ll talk about HALO 2 now until Forunner comes out, so shut your mouth!

  16. foomojive says:

    Bungie has already stated when they released the last batch of maps that they would not be developing any more new maps, but they would tweak matchmaking playlists.

  17. cabose12 says:

    some of the changes are drastic but hopefully it will work out

    also i hear there is no halo 3!!!!
    its gonna be called halo: forerunner
    but wuteva happens i’m cool wit it

  18. jburton90 says:

    I dont need anybody gettin on my opinion. Sure I respect your opinion that you think there needs to be new maps, but all I ask of people is just to respect my opinion. Sure I play Halo 2, and would perfer it to anything else, but i’m sure anybody with a 360 would rather prefer them to make halo 3.

  19. Dialpex says:

    Yeah Jburton… and plus.. if you have a 360 you’d know why they took backwash outta matchmaking… And for you noobs (trippin) that are still caught up on halo 2 new maps deal.. get over it.. ain’t happening… You are prob one of the noobs that always ask for hang ’em high and crap.
    Halo 3 is knockin on the door… Bungie won’t spend time to make another map which would take a lot more time graphicaly designing it, testing, debuggin, etc… when a simple change in the matchmaking list makes a lot people happy.
    Get over it… Nublet. Also learn to respect other peoples opinion.

  20. idiotiotic says:

    i definetly posted this i nthe forum like 2 nights ago, lol… but got no replies…

  21. TrippinAcid says:

    So diaplex wants to hear my rath too? OK, listen up fool. I’m not asking for hangem high you fu@$in retard. i’m asking for Boarding Action because it would be a sweet map converted to halo 2, and if you dont agree with that then your not apart of us people who started out with Halo 1 in the first place! Its a beutiful map on halo 1 and would look greet on Halo 2 especially with Halo 2 Graphics. And F4G (dialpex) , i know their not going to make anymore maps, but i still have the right to complain about new maps!, because if they have time to update and test and this and that about playlist updates, then they have time to make a map or two.

    Oh and you said Halo 3 is knockin on the door huh? Guess what dummy, Halo 3 does not exist, its called halo forrunner and takes place before halo 1. Get your story straight because i’ll rip you apart foolboy. and OH!!!!! geuss what! The halo movie is set to come out in the summer of 2007 and i’ll just geuss that the next Halo game will come out some time during that period. So you said “Halo 3” is knockin at our door huh? I would have to say summer of 2007 is pretty far off! LOL thats a pretty thick door if you ask me lol lol lol. i laugh at your noobish typing, so think of something smart before you reply to me you insignifigent lowlife!!!!

    And Jburton doesnt want anyone gettin on his opinion? If you post something like that then you have it coming to you fool. Stupid posts equal Intelligent replies! So get used to it as long as i’m on this site.

    And Jburton says that “but i’m sure anybody with a 360 would rather prefer them to make halo 3.” OK, so you think that us people with an xbox dont want Bungie to make the next halo game? Go F#$k yourself you rich motherf$%er, most of us dont live with our moms. Most of us have bills to pay all the fu#$in time. So i’ll buy an xbox 360 when the next Halo game come out.


  22. CapnKrunk says:

    ^^^^ I bet someone feels like an ass now ^^^^

  23. foomojive says:

    lol halo forerunner

  24. SDtektiv says:

    Posted July 25, 2006

    This dude, umm… Spent his time making himself feel good by putting other people down… on a website! I mean come on! There’s gotta be something better he could’ve done! I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt bad about it, I mean, Dialpex and jburton90 are some of the most prominent members of the Podtacular Community now, and that guy was just being uber critical and trying his hardest to make you guys mad. Haha! Didn’t work.

  25. SDtektiv says:

    (geez in that post I’m almost as bad as he was)

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