Kane & Lynch “Get the Cash” winners

First, we have to thank the GamerCast Network and Eidos for making this possible and inviting us to be a part of the community event and coverage of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. They provided us with some nice goodies to hand out and we wanted to make sure that everyone here could have fun winning them.

So, without further ado, congratulations to our winners, plasma qrenades and Killazilla!

1st place:plasma qrenades
2 Kane and Lynch: Dead Man T-shirts
1 Kane & Lynch money clip
2nd place: Killazilla
1 Kane & Lynch T-shirt
1 Kane & Lynch ski mask

To our winners, be sure to contact Dialpex as soon as possible to get your prizes! Thanks again to everyone that sent in your photos and participated, and look forward to more contests and giveaways in the future!

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8 Responses to Kane & Lynch “Get the Cash” winners

  1. marooner says:

    Congrats you two. Good stuff!

    EDIT: Thats some very shiny hair you got there. :)

  2. plasma qrenades says:


  3. Dialpex says:

    Congrats guys! And thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!

    If you’re a winner please PM me your full name and address and I will get that stuff send out to you the latest by beginning of next week.

  4. Anorexic Leader says:

    Good job Killazilla and Plasma Grenades! Nice pics….

  5. Kiaffex says:

    nice! congratzzz

  6. Diamond Soulja says:

    nice job guys. now add a little photoshop magic and make ur own special case cover.

  7. Painkilla05 says:

    I wanna see the rest of the entries. Can you please post those?

  8. Tapio says:

    Yeah..post the rest of the pictures

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